Healing Codes Coaching: Heal the SOURCE of your health, success and relationship issues

Everything you need to get the most out of The Healing Codes Methods and HALO with Certified Coach, Diane Eble, editor of The Healing Code

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Healing Codes Coaching Intensive

For those willing to make a full commitment to healing  

If you are committed to your ongoing healing, and/or have an urgent health, relationship or success issue, AND you are willing to make a full commitment to your healing and receive MY full commitment to your healing . . .  

I invite you to apply for the Healing Codes Intensive System. 

You and I will commit to finding and healing every source of your health, relationship and/or success issue with specific, custom Healing Codes and full professional support, so that you can live as you were designed by God to live—in love, joy, peace, freedom and abundance.   

Benefits of the Healing Codes Intensive package: 

  • We will laser-focus to discover and heal the deepest issue your heart is ready to overcome, using all the best spiritual and energy techniques. 
  • You  will heal all the underlying and contributing elements of your issue so that the change is permanent 
  • We will unlock your destiny  by overcoming unconscious programming and spiritual blocks that are holding you back. 
  • Your healing will be easy and gentle—no need to revisit traumas your heart is trying to forget. 
  • You will know exactly how to do your custom Healing Codes and what to focus on when doing it. 

What you'll get:

  • Initial in-depth assessment to pinpoint where you need help and provide baseline for assessing your progress. Periodic assessments to monitor your progress.  
  • 3-4 45-60 minute sessions with me per month to get your custom Healing Codes for you to do between sessions. Done via phone or Skype, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.   
  • In these sessions I will be testing for exactly what to focus on, and give you numerous techniques and prayers as needed to heal your issue at the deepest level. We will look at ALL the elements that are causing or contributing to your issue each time—what I call the 4-part program.  
  • Every week I will give you one Healing Code to do daily for your primary issue. Every OTHER week, if I test it's the best way,  I will give you one extra to address more categories (either relationship or any of the 12 categories, one of the aspects of The Total Source Cancer Program if that's what you need, etc.—I will test). Plan on doing Healing Codes for 30-45 minutes per day overall, at a minimum. Accelerated results come from time and effort invested. 
  • I will incorporate my brand-new healing method, not released to the public, only for my Healing Codes Intensive clients. This method works significantly better by combining The Healing Codes with an exclusive sequencing process that multiplies the results you would normally get with The Healing Codes alone. (No, it's not Trilogy, it's completely different. We can do custom Trilogy and my method, and you can decide which works best for you.) You will get everything I know as you are ready for it, and I'm always adding to my knowledge. 
  • I will instruct you on different physical techniques designed to help release stress. 
  • If you are also a Highly Sensitive Person and/or Empath, we will adjust the coaching to incorporate that as well. This has been a real game-changer for some of my clients, who didn't even realize they were Highly Sensitive. 
  • Tracking forms will help you see your progress. 
  • Professional monitoring of your healing so you always know what’s healed and what to focus on. 
  • Email support for questions that come up in between sessions.   
  • Prayer is an integral part of this more committed approach, so you must be comfortable with prayer. I will also pray  for you before our session ends, and part of my commitment is to pray for you daily. Prayer is proven to have positive results again and again. Many clients ask me to record my prayers for them at the end of the session, and I'm happen to do that if you like. 
  • BONUS: I will share several powerful “enhancements” that have dramatically improved results for myself and my clients. One of them is so fun and works almost like magic!  
  • Bonus calls, videos or added instruction from time to time, usually at no additional cost. I am always researching and testing new things, and my clients are the first to know about it! 
  • BONUS: I am constantly updating and adding to my training, which I  will add them to my coaching in this program. Recently Added: Dr. Alex Loyd's Total Source Cancer Program and Trilogy.

To learn more about the Healing Codes Intensive options, send an email to Diane:  .